Since 1984, the first and leading sailing school designed by women, for women.
Customized instruction for couples, families, corporate and social groups; Young Womanship 7th to 12th grade classes.

At Womanship®, we bring together women of all ages - 18 to 82, so far - from diverse backgrounds, from every part of the world, in harmonious collaboration and in a conducive learning environment, to take part in a sailing journey of self discovery, self fulfillment and the acquisition of real skills, real strengths, the ability to team and to lead, in harmony with nature..

Join us! Your path from student to take-charge skipper begins with Womanship®. Start now and picture yourself at the helm.





Deborah Hipkins at Oia on the Aegean

A Couple's or Family's

Daytime Sailing from Annapolis
on the Chesapeake Bay
Sailing's in the Air
especially in the Aegean!

Become the Sailor
You Want to Be

Daytime, LiveAboard & PassageMaking

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Annapolis (April-Oct.)
LiveAboard & Daytime Only

Florida Keys (Oct.-May)

Long Island Sound & New England's Narragansett Bay & the Coast of Maine (June-Sept.)

Sail & See Adventures in Greece & Turkey
First available datesJune 27-July 5;, Aug. 30-Sept. 7

Vancouver, BC & the Gulf Islands

Sail & See Belize in the Western Caribbean

British Virgin Islands (BVI)

New Zealand 10-Day Sail & See Adventures

Custom Courses

Sail Yourself Safely Home
       at your yacht club, marina, boatyard

Couples Learning Getaways

Instruction on Your Own Boat

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Where do you want to sail...?

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Annapolis, Md., on Chesapeake Bay
British Virgin Islands (BVI)
Florida Keys
Long Island Sound & New England's
   Narragansett Bay & the Coast of Maine
East Greenwich, RI
Greek Isles & Turkey
New Zealand
Vancouver, BC and the Gulf Islands

"Sailing is Believing"
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Booking Info & Picture Tour

See our 2013/2014 Calendar for dates in Annapolis, Long Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, Maine, Vancouver, BC & the Gulf Islands, and Sail & See Adventures in the Greek Isles, Turkey and Ireland.


Embark with us on a sailing adventure of  a lifetime!

Sail  nd see  the Aegean. the legendary highway of the gods, as wafting breezes propel us through the Saronic Gulf.  Living  and learning  aboard, you will spend  time ashore to enjoy the history, culture,
food and entertainment of the  most Greek of the Isles.

Book your 9- day Sail and See Adventure over the 4th of July, (June 28-July 6  or Labor Day, August 30-September 7

To Register

Tuition: Individual, $3895, 2 or more booking together, $3795, Alum, $3695

Tuition  includes instruction, cruising, welcome aboard dinner, on board acommodations, daily provisions, chart briefing; Athens: hotel with breakfast, professionally guided tour.

Call or e-mail us to provide your name, address and all contact inormation. Deposit: $1000. by MC, Visa or check; Second payment: ½ tuition balance is due 60 days following deposit or, depending on booking date, midpoint between dates of booking and departure. Balance is due 60 days following booking or midpoint between booking and departure dates.

Pre-Course Packet, mailed to you following deposit includes confimation, Registration Agreement, course times, where we meet, directions, What to Bring, Tell Tales – a brief questionnaire.

-Plan to arrive in Athens the afternoon of the first day of your Adventure. You will be welcomed by your instructor on board in late afternoon and have a cool drink as you stow your gear and become oriented to your floating home and classroom. As evening approaches, you will enjoy a walk along the shore to a Welcome Aboard! Dinner at a typical local taverna.

Once on board, your boat will be your floating classroom, hotel and restaurant, at least for breakfast and lunch, as it is customary in the Greek Isles to dine most evenings at local tavernas on shore.What to expect on your LiveAboard learning cruise


You will sail the perfect picture Saronic Islands, perhaps Poros, Hydra, Aegina and Spetses. For cruising sailors, the Saronic Gulf offers an ideal sheltered area in which the Islands are a perfect distance apart for exquisite sailing in between visits. One of the charms of the Islands is their picturesque and bustling harbors. Another is the feeling of ease and eagerness with which you are invited to join in dancing, parades and other festivities, relax on a beach, tour antiquities such as the famous famous ampitheatre of Epidavros, where performances are still held…

More about the Islands:


In addition to visits to Poros, Hydra, Aegina and Spetses, you will sail farther down the exquisite Peloponnesian coast to more distant isles, such as Ierekas, Monemvasia, Leonidhion and Nauplion, or, weather and crew permitting, add the Cycladic Islands such as Kea, Serifos, and Mykonos. 

Plan to arrive in Athens by the afternoon of the first day of your Adventure. You will join your instructor on board in late afternoon, have a cool drink and stow your gear before enjoying a walk along the shore to a Welcoming Dinner at a typical Greek taverna.

Once on board, your boat will be your floating classroom, hotel and restaurant, at least for breakfast and lunch, as it is customary in the Greek Isles to dine most evenings at local tavernas on shore. Some of the Highlights along your Learning Cruise will be:

Each island has its own personality and charm. If time and weather permit, you may visit other islands such as Galatas to visit the fragrant pine and lemon groves. The Lemondasos, is a 25,000 lemon tree grove that was planted after Greece's War of Independence. Following this visit, like an oasis, the Kardassi Taverna comes into view, where you can taste the freshest and possibly strongest) lemonade you've ever had..

Ashore in Athens

After disembarking, anticipate a late morning return to Athens for the final day and evening of your Sail & See Adventure. First, check into your hotel which be within walking distance or a short bus or taxi ride from the Acropolis, the Agora (market) and the Plaka, the famous national Bazaar..

In the afternoon, you will be picked up to embark on a professionally guided tour of City and the Acropolis after which you and your crewmates may like to visit the National Museum, where many of the artifacts you see will evoke memories of the antiquities you saw in situ on the islands you visited.

A trip to the site of Agamemnon's castle at Sounion in the late afternoon - to make sure you see it at sunset - is a spectacular option. And the magical and mystical oracle at Delphi for the day or overnight, is another..

On your last evening, you will gather at your hotel for a closing toast, and then likely top it off with a visit to the Plaka, the National Bazaar, which never seems to close. After a night's rest, breakfast at the hotel in the morning, perhaps some last-minute shopping or touring, if there is time, and then, reluctantly, home, unless you’ve made plans to continue on to Santorini, Mykonos, or on to Delphi or the like.

You simply won't want to leave!


If you would like to study up a bit about Greece before your visit, browse Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, Thornton Wilder's Woman of Andros, and Irving Stone's The Gold Treasures of Iris Leaman. More recent books are those by Nicholas Gage about his heroic mother, Eleni, and his family's immigration to America. Some delightful heartwarming films about Greece are "Zorba the Greek," "Shirley Valentine," and "Never on Sunday." Search online for more serious and up to date films and news about life in the Greek Isles.

Please call us for Detailed Itinerary & Tuition

Annapolis Big Spring Weekend!
Sailboat Show & Adverse Conditions Weekend
April 25-27

Gale force winds, driving rain, chilly temperatures and a beautiful sunny Sunday to end the weekend sailing wing on wing.

April 25-27
Annapolis' Big Spring Weekend...

April 26-28
Spring Sailboat Show 

Stop by to chat with Instructors, staff, & Alums in-the-know. Book & save on the course that works best for you.

April 25-27 
Annual Spring Adverse Conditions Weekend

LiveAboard Weekend Course to learn to handle variations in conditions and the vicissitudes
of stronger winds, higher seas, storms and the what-ifs of boat systems and human failure.

Our 30th Annapolis Season
April - October 2014

From historic Annapolis, enjoy spring sailing LiveAboard or Daytime, while cruising Chesapeake Bay. (See Course Calendar for dates through October).  

By the end of May, you can live and learn aboard on LiveAboard  courses, while cruising the waters of our sailing sites across the USA and Canada, the Greek Isles and Turkey. October through May, we sail the warmer climes of Florida, the Caribbean and New Zealand in the southern reaches of the Pacific Ocean.

To help you plan your course, call on us to help you select the course and location that are best for you to learn, practice and prove to yourself, step by practical step, in the Womanship Way that you know what to do and when, why and how to do it, for yourself and to sail and manage both boat and crew as partner and take charge skipper.

A Couple's Learning Getaway
See our Course Calendar for Savings for Womanship Alums and groups of up to 6 participants.    
Please call contact us with questions:

800-342-9295 •
We look forward to assisting you with your plans.

Other locations, other opportunities to sail and learn
The Florida Keys - October through June

Now, through June, come aboard to live and learn while cruising the incomparable Florida Keys for 3, 5 or 7-days or PassageMaking 'Round the Keys spring & fall. For your convenience, our departure and return port is Miami's Coconut Grove on Biscayne Bay, just 20 minutes from Miami Airport and 45 minutes from Fort Lauderdale airport. 

Long Island Sound, Narragansett Bay and Newport,  
Rhode Island, Maine's challenging coast
Beginning June 22

Vancouver BC & the Gulf Islands
June -September 5 & 7-day LiveAboard Cruising Courses

 Belize and the BVI - October though April 

Sail Yourself Safely Home Session (SYSH)

Come aboard a 2-day session to learn 17 safety, control and emergency skills & tasks to sail safely home every day and in the event of an emergency. Or, call to schedule a Sail Yourself Safely Home clinic aboard your boat as a club or association SYSH event at your club, marina or boatyard.

Sail Yourself Safely Home DVD & Book

75-minute hands-on, instructional DVD and new SYSH Book
DVD, $12 - as long as supplies last. Plus! 10% savings on new SYSH book, coming soon!
Call us at 800-342-9295 to schedule thru 2013

Spring Through Fall

Florida Keys

Join us to live and learn aboard. Practice and master a complete sailing and cruising curriculum,
as you cruise and explore the incomparable Keys.  

You'll be welcomed aboard at Coconut Grove, our accessible and inviting departure point on Biscayne Bay. Guided by your Captain/Instructor, you and your crewmates will get know the boat you will sail, learn to take the helm, unfurl your sails and journey to Key Biscayne, first day's destination. Each day, you will plot and pilot your nautical course on a new adventure, learning and advancing each of the skills and tasks to sail and manage both boat and crew.

Call us at 800-342-9295, for details and assistance with your plans.


student kissing fish

Take the helm to sail Belize  in the western Caribbean at the helm of a catamaran, your floating classroom and hotel for an outstanding Sail and See adventure. Plot and pilot each day's course to  an unspoiled, waterscape of 175 cays. Revel in snorkeling the world's second largest barrier reef. Draw conch, lobster, fish from the sea. Visit Mayan ruins and a native population of monkeys. 

Where to become the sailor you want to be throughout the year...

Annapolis - April-October 31
Sail Yourself Safely Home, Daytime, LiveAboard and PassageMaking courses on Chesapeake Bay. From our homeport of Annapolis, on Chesapeake Bay, our 29th season of teaching Daytime-only, Liveaboard and Passagemaking courses begins April 1 and continues through October 31.

Custom learning getaways for couples, families, groups - Private Instruction on your own boat, Sail Yourself Safely Home sessions on our boats or your club, marina, or boatyard.

The Florida Keys - October-June  
Liveaboard Coastal and PassageMaking Courses. Live and learn aboard for a week, five or three days while cruising the incomparable Keys, at Key Biscayne.

British Virgin Islands - October-May 2013
Our most popular learning destination. We have embarked on this off the US mainland since 1966.

Belize - Learn to Sail and See Belize in the western Caribbean, at the helm of a catamaran, your two-hulled floating classroom and hotel
Plot and pilot each day's nautical course to more than 175 cays in an unspoiled waterscape & the world's second largest barrier reef.

Sail & See Adventures in the Greek Isles & Turkey - June/July, September, October
A once-in-a-lifetime experience living and learning aboard while cruising the Aegean, plus time ashore to explore Greek history and culture in Athens, and the islands along the Peloponnesian Peninsula.

New Zealand
Our winter, their summer. Actually cruise the Pacific Ocean & end the day in a pristine bay inside New Zealand's craggy coast. Or go ashore on Waiheke, Coromandel Peninsula, Great Barrier Island's seaside beaches, hillside overlooks, or tiny Port Viceroy--where the storekeeper knows the name of everybody who stops by.

Long Island Sound and New England - Narragansett Bay & Maine coast, May-September, where sailing and the sea are synonymous.
On your own boat or ours. Daytime or LiveAboard Courses; Sail Yourself Safely Home clinics at your yacht club, sailing association, boatyard or marina.

The Coast of Maine is our primary site for Adverse Conditions Training.

Vancouver, BC & the Gulf Islands - June-September
Weeklong and five-day LiveAboard courses sail from Vancouver, BC in the Gulf Islands Granville Island. Our most pristine sailing site, the Gulf Islands are memorable for sailing into a fading sunset. Cruising the straits of Georgia, Juan de Fuca and Rosario, we learn to read and apply tide and current tables. Expect to sail with orcas in your wake and anchor by flower-covered islands with refreshing waterfalls.



2Couples' Learning Getaways
Imagine being happily afloat on a a course, just for the two of you!

Give yourselves the gift of becoming the sailors and sailing partners you want to be while cruising the Florida Keys, the British Virgin Islands or our homeport of Annapolis on Chesapeake Bay!

Using the boat and the natural sailing environment as your classroom and guided by a Womanship-trained, US Coast Guard-licensed instructor, each day you will plot your nautical course and take the helm to pilot it to a new destination.

LiveAboard Cruising Course tuition includes onboard accommodations, food and  beverages. Call 800-342-9295 for details

Learn the Womanship Way
where you can become a safe, savvy & self-reliant sailor!

  • The boat and natural sailing environment are the classroom for learning

  • Under Womanship-trained, USCG-licensed instructors, students learn for themselves and with crewmates

  • Hands-on practice and progress de-briefings on individual skills and tactics, decision-making

  • Daily checks to become an expert on boat's systems and readiness

  • Boats leave the dock only after systems & weather checks, day's course is plotted to next destination

  • Practice in 17 Safety, control, emergency skills to sail safely every day & under adverse conditions

  • Practice in overboard recovery, heaving-to, always knowing where you are, using the boat's equipment as a safety resource

  • Time to focus on specific skills and performance; i.e., docking, anchoring

  • Courses available in temperate to more challenging areas such as the Maine coast

  • Advanced Coastal, Thru-the-night, Offshore PassageMaking

Questions? Call us at 800-342-9295


"Sail Yourself Safely Home (SYSH)"Instructional DVD, 1¼ hrs. Filmed during 2-day SYSH hands-on session. See the Womanship Way in action. Plus pre-Print copy of SYSH Step by Step Guide: Holiday Savings: $15.00 + shipping and handling.

Famous "nobody yells" T-shirt  -- periwinkle: logo & lettering in white (S-XXL) Alum T-shirt for alums-only -- deep purple: logo, lettering in teal $17.00.

Brand new Womanship caps! Sailor's top choice Adams' caps in nautical red, dusk, periwinkle, or cactus with the Womanship logo and "nobody yells" embroidered in white. $26.50 plus shipping & handling.


Burgee with Womanship logo and Nobody Yells - Womanship Burgee (2 sided, raspberry with white "nobody yells") $25.00.

For details, call us at 800-342-9295


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